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Gnome The future of GNOME - an interesting subject. GNOME 3 has been out and about for a while, and it hasn't exactly been a smashing success. One of the efforts to take GNOME to the next level is what the team refers to as GNOME OS - but in reality, it's a set of improvements to GNOME that are just as interesting to GNOME-the-desktop-environment.
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Just what are these guys thinking?
by Dekonega on Wed 8th Aug 2012 23:53 UTC
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They're insane if they're going to believe this will work out. They should fix Gnome 3 first and get it on a stage where it is actually usable. And only after that they should run an experiment like this.

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Hiev Member since:

As someone who uses GNOME Shell daily for work, I can tell you is not broken to me.

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There is nothing to be fixed. Just improved. KDE4.9 (Desktop) and Gnome 3.4 (Notebook) user here.

The effort to become a nice developer platform is really welcome.

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They're losing developers, maybe making it easier for people who's ideas are more inline with and excited about the project is just what they need. Just because a lot of us want better multi-monitor support doesn't mean it's easy to fit into the current design specification without destroying or diluting it. I think this is just the right move to be making at this point. Attract new developers, and properly examine the framework in order to make calculated expansions into more diverse usage scenarios.

Hopefully dconf will get some serious attention with the new HIG, and instead of dropping features that a lot of people rely on they'll most often just provide a toggle for advanced users. And would networked deployment/synchronization of dconf settings be too much to ask?

Unfortunately, just because they're updating the HIG doesn't mean they'll be any more open to changes. Here's hoping they open their minds a little bit, and also fix some of the stupid crap that keeps me on CentOS for the time being. Inconsistent MOD4 keybindings, anyone?

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They're losing developers, maybe making it easier for people who's ideas are more inline with and excited about the project is just what they need.

Because they reject any change that does not fit into their little vision. So basically people see that there is no point in joining such a closed group.

Some of the bug reports just make me cry:
Somebody reports a bug (an existing feature was being removed/made crazy), fairly detailed and something that should have been addressed. Instead he gets told he is being abusive and shouted down (probably so they wouldn't have to rationalise their decisions).

It seems to me that they really don't want contributors to their project.

Attract new developers

Isn't going to happen until they fix their attitude...

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