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Gnome The future of GNOME - an interesting subject. GNOME 3 has been out and about for a while, and it hasn't exactly been a smashing success. One of the efforts to take GNOME to the next level is what the team refers to as GNOME OS - but in reality, it's a set of improvements to GNOME that are just as interesting to GNOME-the-desktop-environment.
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Maniacs ...
by WakaJawaka on Thu 9th Aug 2012 11:49 UTC
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The handful of people who call the shots at Gnome are all Apple fanbois. They love everything 'Apple' and especially the totalitarian who ran the corporation for 15 years. Like Jobs they have utter contempt for their own user base. Like Jobs they delight in the in-transparency and the muddled-up world of corporate decision making. Like Jobs they pursue their aims with a persistence that shows the true maniac. But unlike Jobs they don't have the brain-washing machine of corporate advertising at their disposal, which will ultimately lead to their downfall. Most long-term users of Gnome are still capable to take a step back, look at Gnome 3 and recognize it for the mess that it is. Apple users on the other hand are wallowing in their prisons and are uncritically happy with everything the corporation does to them. A true cult, thanks to devious corporate advertising. Still, nothing will stop team Gnome from pigheadedly pursuing their course. Not even the death of the entire project. They will simply 'move on' and continue their harmful work elsewhere because the corporate world loves authoritarians who suffer from 'visions'. For types like that there's always a place somewhere.

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RE: Maniacs ...
by Soulbender on Thu 9th Aug 2012 12:48 in reply to "Maniacs ..."
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Bitter much?

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RE: Maniacs ...
by SaschaW on Thu 9th Aug 2012 14:13 in reply to "Maniacs ..."
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Breath slowly, man!

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