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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "I decided to write this post after having too many heated discussions with many users across many blogs. After hearing repeatedly; 'The iPad will have a better display' or 'It sucks because it's not Retina' I figured it was time to break the argument down and dispel the 'Retina' myth." Fantastic post at The Verge.
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by age 45
by unclefester on Sun 12th Aug 2012 06:10 UTC
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By age 45 most of us would be unable to tell the difference between a Retina display and 640x480 display without wearing spectacles.

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RE: by age 45
by Neolander on Sun 12th Aug 2012 08:03 in reply to "by age 45"
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I'm pretty sure I have read somewhere that 10 to 20% of people can't tell the difference between a regular screen and stereoscopic 3D, and this has yet to prevent companies from trying to sell that expensive tech ;)

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RE[2]: by age 45
by zima on Wed 15th Aug 2012 01:02 in reply to "RE: by age 45"
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And possibly something like 80% experiences the inherent flaws of that approach ...seriously, not only it offers just a bit more cues than "2D" (that's a deceptive misnomer, normal TV does have most of spacial cues our minds use), it gets those additional ones very wrong (notably, the parallax is completely ...well, wrong; and overall, few aspects which are very linked IRL, are decoupled here).

"They" are trying to sell this fad every few decades... (stereography is not much younger than photography)

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RE: by age 45
by unoengborg on Sun 12th Aug 2012 18:53 in reply to "by age 45"
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Then they need better glasses. I am past 50 and I have no problem distinguish between e.g. iPad2 and the new iPad if I look at it at close range. E.g. when reading in bed. Fonts look sharper and you get more true font forms. It makes a big difference.

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