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Gnome The future of GNOME - an interesting subject. GNOME 3 has been out and about for a while, and it hasn't exactly been a smashing success. One of the efforts to take GNOME to the next level is what the team refers to as GNOME OS - but in reality, it's a set of improvements to GNOME that are just as interesting to GNOME-the-desktop-environment.
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"Ever tried KDE 4 on a Pentium II machine?

No, why would anyone? The P2 is a 15 year old CPU, it's not reasonable to expect today's desktop OS to work well, or even at all, on it.

It seems to me like some developers are coding as if there's no such thing as limited processing power

I don't think that's a conclusion you can come to based on the usability on a P2.
Today's programmers code for today's computers, not for 15 year old tech. That's how it has always been.

the environmental cost of upgrades,

I'm not sure running 15 year old technology is more environmentally friendly.

And what pray tell,do idoits like yourself consider to be environmentally friendly?

The crap hardware Crapple is churning out these days with non-replaceable things like batteries and other such stuff?

The Gnome Cowards refusal to allow people to actually shut off computers they are not actually using?

Stuff like this?

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