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General Development "I cannot help but speculate on how the software on the Curiosity rover has been constructed. We know that most of the code is written in C and that it comprises 2.5 Megalines of code, roughly. One may wonder why it is possible to write such a complex system and have it work. This is the Erlang programmers view."
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RE: This is a nice summary
by zima on Mon 13th Aug 2012 00:59 UTC in reply to "This is a nice summary"
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I see it as somewhat less risky - for the landing (and post-landing checkout) they used a more specialised, more basic software.

Now, the rover will start using the more complex main mission software - one that was uploaded to it fairly recently, when the probe was en route, so presumably also with more time for debugging (plus, I imagine that software update procedures are among the best tested; and that they're doing it one of two redundant computers at a time)

In another update: more & also colour pictures! (and I guess this Commons page will have a decent selection, in the future - bookmarked)

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