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Mozilla & Gecko clones Mozilla's Dave Mason, when asked by what the most scary part of Firefox' roadmap is: "It has to be Firefox OS which is a huge step for Mozilla. It is exciting and scary at the same time. This is the first time we had to partner with some other companies to get to the end results so that's a hard transition for us." I commend Mozilla for attempting this. I've been trying out Firefox on my Nexus 7 today, and it's really, really good (save for the interface, which needs some serious Holo love). If this is an indication for what Firefox OS is going to be like - good on 'm.
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Firefox Browser
by comrad on Mon 13th Aug 2012 10:19 UTC
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I would really appreciate it if they would concentrate on that Firefox is. A freaking Browser. They have alot of potential but they seem to do anything else than improving Firefox...

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RE: Firefox Browser
by Radio on Mon 13th Aug 2012 13:27 in reply to "Firefox Browser"
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Don't you think the work they are doing to optimize their code on mobile devices will improve all their products?

Sometimes, you don't solve your problems by working head-on on them, like you don't improve code by hiring more programmers to work on it. Like the Linux kernel history shows, working on side-projects may bring unexpected benefits.

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RE[2]: Firefox Browser
by bassbeast on Tue 14th Aug 2012 01:04 in reply to "RE: Firefox Browser"
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Nope, because ARM and X86 are frankly as different as they can possibly be. while a few tricks might port over I'm betting most won't, the arches are just too different.

Personally I'd just be happy if they'd do something about their damned near constant CPU spiking. I've tried regular, ESR, and PaleMoon and frankly ALL of the gecko browsers are prone to CPU spiking, especially on low power or older chips. launch a new tab? 100% spike, scroll? Adds a 20%-30% CPU spike. This is my results on both an AMD Spempron 1.8GHz single and an AMD E350 Fusion dual, in both cases it spikes B.A.D. Compare this to anything based on webkit, Chrome, Chromium, Comodo major spikes. The webkit browsers use a little more memory but a LOT less CPU, and since the memory is powered no matter what but CPU spikes mean more power i personally would rather them use more memory.

So I wish them luck on MozOS but I've already moved most of my customers on X86 to Comodo Dragon or Chromium. I think its a shame but the other poster was right, it seems like ever since Chrome suddenly exploded on the scene the guys at Moz have been doing everything to ape Google (down to MozOS) except building a decent browser.

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RE: Firefox Browser
by dsmogor on Tue 14th Aug 2012 06:37 in reply to "Firefox Browser"
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I believe they would love to do that too, but they have realized that leaving mobile space to Apple, Google and MS will endanger open web in the long term.
They need to give mobile device integrated web apis a fighting chance on the real devices, but that requires an OS layer they control.
They have carriers on their side, as they see proprietary apps as a way of locking users to any given platform and that takes the control away from them. They need an open middle-ware that is exchangeable between platforms. They have tried already with WAC, this is a 2nd attempt.
FF OS will be pushed by carriers (that's quite opposite to WP currently) and if enough ground is taken, app devs will take a notice and start supporting its web apis. Tizen is in fact another path to the same result and I expect it will be kept compatible with each other. When the number of apps is significant carriers and their partners will start to push Apple and Google to put the compatible middle-ware on their devices. After that is successful FFOS may be laid to rest serving as a reference impl.

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RE: Firefox Browser
by Radio on Tue 14th Aug 2012 08:25 in reply to "Firefox Browser"
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Also, this graphic may put things in a bit more context:

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