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QNX Since QNX - understandably - lost any and all interest in general-purpose computing, I kind of lost track where it was going (I used to have such fun with it - yup, 2004, before I even joined OSNews). Apparently, they just released version 6.5 SP1. It contains optimised memory performance, better networking and USB stacks, improved file system performance, and more. I'm sure these are all things we'll see trickle down to BlackBerry OS 10.
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RE[5]: Gosh I used to like QNX
by dnebdal on Mon 13th Aug 2012 10:35 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Gosh I used to like QNX"
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edit: Ah, IOS and not iOS. Automatic mental typo filtering isn't always a good thing.

Which makes it a good point: In the worst case, cisco will probably buy QNX just to keep it going. Not the best of fates, but probably better than outright dying.

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RE[6]: Gosh I used to like QNX
by zima on Fri 17th Aug 2012 23:52 in reply to "RE[5]: Gosh I used to like QNX"
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Well, it's also the fault of the company that basically takes any name they like, cleans up only after the fact (like it was also with the iPhone IIRC)

And I imagine that, for codebase of such importance (used not only in a fairly crucial line of ~switches, also automotive usage or with... Canadian nuclear reactors), buying of QNX per se wouldn't even be required - the code is certainly in escrow, with arrangements made a long time ago for ownership transfer, were something to happen with its parent company.

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