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Windows "According to an inside source, a session was held at Microsoft's recent TechReady15 conference in which all the launch details were laid out. If things go according to the plan detailed then, the Surface for Windows RT tablet will be launching October 26th - no surprise there - at a compelling price of $199." My wallet just squealed in pure bliss.
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Comment by orestes
by orestes on Tue 14th Aug 2012 16:34 UTC
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Now, lets see if their marketing fails as miserably as it did with the otherwise superior (to the iPod) Zune HD. If not we could have a lovely little war on our hands

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RE: Comment by orestes
by Adurbe on Tue 14th Aug 2012 16:53 in reply to "Comment by orestes"
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Zune was a sideline and its not realistic to even compare the two.

This could make or break their whole OS (the core of their dominance). This is why they took the incredibly bold step to become an OEM.

MS will market this (and by proxy windows 8) Everywhere they can and then some.

My prediction is that the marketing will be on a scale we haven't seen since Windows 95. In the UK, Microsoft bought the Times of London for a day, printing 1.5 million copies of a special edition and giving them all way free!

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RE[2]: Comment by orestes
by orestes on Tue 14th Aug 2012 17:41 in reply to "RE: Comment by orestes"
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They took the "bold" step to become an OEM because their retail partners were either lukewarm to or half-assing the formfactor they've been trying to push for over a decade.

No matter what happens with the tablets though, it'll still be a sideline. Tablets still have too many tradeoffs to even think about displacing Microsoft's core business.

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RE[2]: Comment by orestes
by bassbeast on Tue 14th Aug 2012 21:57 in reply to "RE: Comment by orestes"
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But if they sell the units below cost to try to buy their way into the market couldn't that be considered dumping? Not to mention using their Windows and Office profits to cover it could run afoul of Sherman Antitrust.

This will be interesting to see how the courts, especially the EU who seems to have gotten fed up with the usual MSFT tricks reacts if the price turns out to be true. There is just no way I can see it at THAT price with THOSE specs unless they are taking a hell of a loss per unit.

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