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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Back in 2005, we charted 30 years of personal computer market share to show graphically how the industry had developed, who succeeded and when, and how some iconic names eventually faded away completely. With the rise of whole new classes of 'personal computers' - tablets and smartphones - it's worth updating all the numbers once more. And when we do so, we see something surprising: the adoption rates for our beloved mobile devices absolutely blow away the last few decades of desktop computer growth. People are adopting new technology faster than ever before." BeOS not mentioned. Would not read again. 2/10.
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by Earl C Pottinger on Tue 14th Aug 2012 22:47 UTC
Earl C Pottinger
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One thing about comparing early computers to smartphones and tablets is their relative costs.

If you adjust for inflation the new comers are very cheap as a percentage of a person`s income.

My 8K PET 2001 costed over $1200 when I got it. 1980?
My Amiga 1000 with memory expansion (total 1 Meg) was about $2000 I believe in 1985.
My Dual-CPU BeOS machine (a PC-Clone) set me back $1200 when BeOS came out for Intel.

What will a smart-phone or tablet set me back today? $400-700 in inflated dollars. Ofcourse a lot more people buy them!

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