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Legal This week, Samsung started its defence in the big Apple vs. Samsung thing. First, Samsung pointed towards several cases of prior art, trying to invalidate Apple patents, surely something that's going to be the theme to Samsung's case. Later, Samsung pulled its own software patents out of its a... Neck, claiming Apple infringed them. The patents are just as ridiculous as Apple's, but alas, they have to do something in the face of Apple's anti-competitive aggression. Here is Shepard under a unicorn rainbow.
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RE: Yup
by quackalist on Tue 14th Aug 2012 23:45 UTC in reply to "Yup"
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Win, and you'd have to wonder how, or lose imagine in years to come this will be thought the defining moment when Apple lost the plot and threw it all away...well, maybe not all but than MS hasn't thrown it all away as yet.

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