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Legal "Comparing Samsung's flagship products before and after release of the iPhone & iPad, and how Apple's intellectual property infringement claims hold up." A terrible visual guide that ignores not only Samsung's own pre-iPhone designs, but also - and worse yet - the thirty-odd years of mobile computing that preceded the iPhone. Typical of today's technology world: a complete and utter lack of historical sense. Worse yet are the claims about icons: only the phone icon is similar, but Apple did not invent the green phone icon. This is a remnant of virtually all earlier phones which use a green phone icon for initiate/answer call, and a red phone icon for terminate/reject call. Claiming this deserves IP protection is beyond ridiculous, and shows just how low Apple is willing to go.
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His OSNews profile says 1 Dec 1984, which would make him 27.
Given his day of birth it's not likely he owned or even used an Amiga or any other computer for that matter during the 80s. Nor would it ever have been his primary computer after the 80s.
He probably got in to computing around the introduction of Windows 95.

I'm around his age, C64 (which I had to buy myself) was my first computer the 90s, closer to the première of Win95 than to the time if my first PC.

While that was likely less common in the NL, probably still not unheard of.
Anyway, kovacm sounds like being from the Czech Republic or the like, he should know that was more typical...

I'd give a lot to go back to that time. The 80s ruled! The 90s was when the dark ages started.
I have a lot of 80s computers, but it's a poor substitute to actually living un that golden age.
I'm 38.

You're looking at the past through very rose-tinted glasses. And anyway, so what are you doing here with modern browser on a modern ~PC? You know, you could visit OSNews on an Amiga... (or at least in some text-mode browser, through proxy massively slowing down the speed of connection) Instant time travel!

Yesterday I hooked up a ZX Spectrum 128, it still works. Your dad's Osborn probably does too.

Yeah, since they are barely used in more recent times... but early micros were notoriously unreliable.

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