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Windows Microsoft has made Windows 8's final release available to MSDN and TechNet subscribers, so if you are one of those - have fun. The 90-day trial has also been released, so us mere mortals can have a go at it as well. The evaluation version is Windows 8 Enterprise, so it contains a number of features regular users normally won't see. As far as I can tell - it's a bit unclear - the trial version cannot be upgraded to a final version a few months down the line. Happy testing!
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Not designed for desktops / laptops
by cmost on Fri 17th Aug 2012 17:35 UTC
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After working with Windows 8 for a month or so, the bottom line for me is that Windows 8 is ill-suited to conventional desktops and laptops. While it might be great for touch capable tablets and net appliances (which I don't have broad experience with yet,) I truly believe the masses will find its interface befuddling and non-intuitive on the majority of PCs. Sorry Microsoft. I'm not sure why Microsoft thought that 17 years of Windows customers' familiarity with traditional WIMP / conventional desktop would just be easily tossed aside in favor of Metro (or whatever they're calling it these days.) My recommendation to folks who ask my advice will be to stick with Windows 7 and hope that Microsoft comes to its senses with Windows 9.

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Metro is suited for tablets. I want one of those microsoft tablets that they showed off...

Win8 SHOULD have had a feature, where it detects if the hardware is a computer or a tablet.
If it's a laptop/desktop, then metro could be a type of app launcher, just like mediacenter is.

If the hardware is a tablet, then the normal old fashioned desktop, should be beleted up on installation, leaving you with no way of running conventional software. Yes you would be stucked with metro apps only.

Then again. Metro IS the desktop, that microsoft want's you to have on windows8.
Again... It would be stupid to have a conventional gui, on a nokia lumia phone. Just look how it went with the older phone os's from ms. Allmost everyone bought nokia and sony ericsson.....
Or something like that. Just not with Windows mobile os 6 and down.

I just don't see, why they want us to have a sort of windows phone 7 experience, when we want to be productive. That's not going to work in some way or another. Just as if apple wanted osx to look and feel like a clone/mix/something ios look a like on a macbook or imac.

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