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Legal "Oracle has admitted to the court that it retains the frequently-cited Florian Mueller of the popular blog FOSS Patents as a consultant. The official disclosure comes a week after the judge in Oracle's lawsuit against Google took the extraordinary step of ordering both parties to reveal any paid journalists or bloggers on their payrolls. Both companies filed their responses today, and Mueller is the only person named in either filing." Google paid nobody. Also, if you're surprised by Mueller being paid by Oracle - I have a Paleis op de Dam to sell you.
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RE: Not news
by ichi on Sat 18th Aug 2012 01:45 UTC in reply to "Not news"
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He has informed his readers on numerous occasions that he is a paid consultant for Oracle. There's no hidden secret that has been suddenly exposed.

Admiting being paing by Oracle only when hard-pressed to do so doesn't cut it.

He's publishing articles from a "patent expert" standpoint, and he should have added a notice about his relationship with Oracle in every article covering anything Oracle-related.

I know being a blogger doesn't make you a journalist, but if you'll be kinda pretending being one you could also adopt some journalism ethics.

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