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Games Interesting. The Verge summarises the loads of news and rumours coming out of OnLive today - much of the staff seems to have been laid off, and an acquisition could be imminent. Who will it be? Apple? Google? Microsoft? EA? Valve? CommodoreUSA?
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RE: What to say?
by moondevil on Sat 18th Aug 2012 05:13 UTC in reply to "What to say?"
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Just do like I do, never thrust the cloud.

Applications should be in the desktop, not hosted in some other peoples computer.

If this means not playing a specific game or using an application, then be it. At least I have full control over the software and data I use.

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RE[2]: What to say?
by leech on Sat 18th Aug 2012 16:36 in reply to "RE: What to say?"
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Agreed whole heartily. You remember the days when you could actually BUY software and not License it? Oh.. .memories...

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RE[2]: What to say?
by zima on Fri 24th Aug 2012 22:27 in reply to "RE: What to say?"
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...and you're telling us this using OSNews / the cloud ;p

(while there are distributed - and typically grabbing the data of interest for storage on your local system - news dissemination and discussion systems; Usenet being the prime example)

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