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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless I always see The Netherlands - my home country - as a small, easily graspable version of other, larger and more important western countries and even the west as a whole. In light of this,'s Arnoud Wokke points to a very interesting report about the Dutch telecommunications market. This reports notes a trend that, if present in the rest of the world, could have serious effects for phone makers.
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The phones are cheap on eBay.

My wife's contract ended early this year for her iPhone 3GS, and we worked out that all-in it had cost over £1000 for the phone and two years service.

So she bought an HP Veer for £90 and got a £7 a month contract. Thats just £258 for a phone that she prefers to the iPhone and 2 years contract.

My Palm Pre contract ended around the same time. My total over 2 years was £840. I bought an HP Pre 3 for £120 (including touchstone charging stand), and got an £11 a month sim-only contract. Thats £384 for a significant upgrade (i love this phone) including 2 years service!

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