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Legal "Earlier this month Judge William Alsup ordered Oracle and Google to disclose any journalists or bloggers either has paid that could have commented on the Oracle v. Google case. Both parties responded last week - but Judge Alsup didn't think Google was completely forthright, and has asked the company to try again by the end of the week." Good to know Alsup is on top of this. Google claimed it hadn't paid any shills, but as large and powerful as the company is, I find that very hard to believe.
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Name one Google commenter
by clintg on Tue 21st Aug 2012 07:52 UTC
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I think the proof of whether or not Google paid anyone to write on their behalf is in the lack of any significant figure pushing Google's position in the news. Can anyone name a single reporter or consultant who consulted regularly and might have been compensated by Google? If they are so big and powerful, they did a terrible job of making Google's position stand out!

With the possible exception of PJ at Groklaw, I cannot personally think of even one name that was clearly behind Google's position. I can, without hesitation, name Florian Mueller as the anti-Google voice and the voice of Oracle's position in this lawsuit. Nearly every major story I read over the months either quoted Mueller or his position, even though most of his views were wrong or very skewed. If he wasn't directly paid, he was "rewarded" with a consulting contract (probably lucrative) for his pro-Oracle position and anti-Google rhetoric.

PJ's voice has been consistent on her anti-software patents position and has been against the frivolous use of the courts to stifle competition for 9 years. She has made it clear that the stories and companies she writes for do not pay her. Her position in this has been more against this lawsuit, not pro-Google nor anti-Oracle.

Although the judge felt like Google should list others, Google did say in their filing "Neither Google nor its counsel has paid any individuals or organizations within these categories to report or comment on any issues in this case." Which was pretty direct.

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