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Legal "The web has been alight these past few weeks with the details of the Apple v. Samsung lawsuit. It's been a unique opportunity to peer behind the curtain of how these two companies operate, as the trial seeks to answer the question: did Samsung copy Apple? But there's actually another question that I think is much more interesting to the future of innovation in the technology industry: regardless of whether the courts say that Samsung copied Apple or not, would we all be better off if we allowed - even encouraged - companies to copy one another?" This is very relevant.
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RE: Did you copy tests in school?
by smashIt on Tue 21st Aug 2012 22:32 UTC in reply to "Did you copy tests in school?"
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Why would I ever bother to make a product if it were not protected?

there already is a strong movement among producing companies away from patents
simply because without a patent you will always be 1 generation ahead of your competition, and the copycats have to do some nasty reversengineering

What kind of commie state

why the hatered against communism?

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