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Legal "Google's Motorola Mobility unit said it filed a new patent-infringement case against Apple claiming that features on some Apple devices, including the Siri voice-recognition program, infringe its patents. The complaint at the U.S. International Trade Commission claims infringement of seven Motorola Mobility patents on features including location reminders, e-mail notification and phone/video players, Motorola Mobility said yesterday. The case seeks a ban on U.S. imports of devices including the iPhone, iPad and Mac computers." Can anybody explain to me how this is a new suit when Motorola and Apple have been wasting tax money and court resources for years now?
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RE[3]: Comment by shmerl
by Tony Swash on Wed 22nd Aug 2012 12:50 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by shmerl"
Tony Swash
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Apple started this "We are going to destroy Android, I'm willing to go thermonuclear on this, I am willing to spend every bit of Apple's 50 Billion in the bank to right this wrong." -- Steve Jobs.

Motorola sued apple first in an pre-emptive attempt to get a declaratory judgement that they do not infringe 7 patents that Apple was threatening them with.

This reminds me of a famous saying by a manager of one of the top soccer clubs in the UK a few years ago. One of his players had just committed a really awful foul, almost broke his opponents leg. When challenged about the foul in a TV interview after the game his manger said "he was jut getting his retaliation in first".

What tortuous knots you Google/Android fans tie yourselves in. Interesting that Motorola announced its legal attack on Apple, opening the legal conflict between them, very shortly after Google announced it's acquisition. It's pretty obvious that one reason for Google buying Motorola, in so far as there were rational reasons, was to use it as an arms length vehicle for a patent assault on Apple, all the while whining about how patents are soooo unfair.

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RE[4]: Comment by shmerl
by Thom_Holwerda on Wed 22nd Aug 2012 13:13 in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by shmerl"
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Right, because when you punch me in the face and I defend myself by punching back, I am no longer allowed to complain about how punching me in the face is a stupid thing to do.


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