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Legal "After weeks of witnesses, prototypes, and one last failed settlement talk, it came down to this: Apple and Samsung's closing arguments in what is very likely the tech trial of the century. The day saw both sides landing heavy blows before sending the case off to the jury - where anything can happen." The jury has to contend with 109 (!) pages of instructions and a verdict form consisting of whopping 22 pages with over 700 (!) verdicts to make - and they have to be unanimous. This is beyond ridiculous, bordering on the clinically insane. With several options for appeal still open, there is nothing to be gained from this. It's a circus.
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RE[8]: Resistance is Futile...
by MOS6510 on Wed 22nd Aug 2012 17:46 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: Resistance is Futile..."
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Well, Metro was the name of a GUI, Apple was the name of the company. It's easier to drop the GUI name than change your company name. Although it was early days and Apple Computer could have changed their name, then again Apple Corps (Music) and Apple Computer (Computers) used to be two different kind of business, with one selling the famous Beatles and the other DIY kits from a garage. At that time I don't think there was any problem with them both being called Apple.

That Apple used every trick from the book to get results is what they should do, as long it's within the law. If the law is read with different opinions a judge can look at it.

That Apple so aggressive lately is a shame, but I can understand it regarding Samsung. People keep bringing up the rounded corners, but it's not just those. It's a number of things, all combined to create a Samsung product that looks almost like an Apple product. Samsung used to copy Nokia and BlackBerry when they were the market leaders, now they switched to Apple.

So I understand why Apple is upset, but despite Samsung Apple still makes better products AND gets most money. They already have it all and want even more, this gives an image of greed. Why not use this money to make your stuff even better?

If I were Apple I'd make stuff cheaper, that would kill any competition. But for some reason they don't want to have a cheap image.

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RE[9]: Resistance is Futile...
by orfanum on Thu 23rd Aug 2012 07:29 in reply to "RE[8]: Resistance is Futile..."
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I don't know about the veracity of this (you can decide on the nature of the ultimate source, here but it appears Wozniak understood the potential problems, and likely source, of the inspiration to name Apple Computers, Apple Computers:

It's easier to drop a potentially conflicting name by not employing it in the first place. It's called primary market research.

It seems however that you are relenting - again, to follow on from what you are saying, rail against the company or its products as much as you want, but Bill Gates has given away millions and millions of Dollars.

Jobs took the opposite view entirely; Tim Cook appears to recognise the legacy of this and is at least doing something about it, which I applaud:

Credit where credit is due.


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