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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless As Sammobile reports: "Samsung will not bring any kind of new Bada phones in the second half of 2012. Samsung's latest bada phones showed up last year at IFA 2011 in Berlin. Samsung showed the Wave3, Wave M and Wave Y, all those devices run on Bada version 2.0. The focus of Samsung in the second half of 2012 is fully on Windows Phone 8 and Android. Because the Windows Phone market is in the hands of Nokia they will try to get that share back. Samsung will also try to make their Android position better than before. Thanks to some new Galaxy products in the second half of 2012. Another sad thing is Samsung moved their first TIZEN OS devices to 2013. Samsung already gave away some developers devices with TIZEN 1.0. The only problem is the support from TIZEN itself." Tizen was a lost cause to begin with, and Bada, while actually pretty good, can easily be replaced by Android. As much as it sucks to lose two operating systems (don't kid yourselves - these are EOL messages), it makes sense from a business perspective. Next up: the TouchWiz team.
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Comment by shmerl
by shmerl on Wed 22nd Aug 2012 20:17 UTC
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I guess Jolla will come up with Linux handset earlier. Plus they are more interesting since they use Mer Core ( ) which is community driven and openly developed, in contrast to Tizen which is developed completely behind closed doors (i.e. while the source is kind of available, only corporations decide all architectural details and direction).

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RE: Comment by shmerl
by thesunnyk on Thu 23rd Aug 2012 00:13 in reply to "Comment by shmerl"
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I liked Meego. Is Mer just Meego with a better governance model? Does anyone know? I'd love to use it in places a lot of people think of using Android.

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RE[2]: Comment by shmerl
by shmerl on Thu 23rd Aug 2012 02:24 in reply to "RE: Comment by shmerl"
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Yes Mer is a fork of the Meego project (partial since Meego was rather broad) with better governance model (meritocratcy).

You can read about Mer's story here:

Mer is a core distribution, providing a base for vendors and community distributions to create end user products.

Mer based projects for example are Plasma Active (KDE's mobile targeted version currently focused on tablets) and Nemo Mobile (handset targeted distribution, inherited from Meego handset).

Jolla is using Mer and components of Nemo to build their handset with their interface on top.

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