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In the News "We all know about the gadgets that get showered with constant praise - the icons, the segment leaders, and the game changers. Tech history will never forget the Altair 8800, the Walkman, the BlackBerry, and the iPhone. But people do forget - and quickly - about the devices that failed to change the world: the great ideas doomed by mediocre execution, the gadgets that arrived before the market was really ready, or the technologies that found their stride just as the world was pivoting to something else." I was a heavy user of BeOS, Zip drives, and MiniDisc (I was an MD user up until about 2 years ago). I'm starting to see a pattern here.
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Zip drives are the devil!
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Thu 23rd Aug 2012 13:35 UTC
Bill Shooter of Bul
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Seriously! The first and, to my knowledge, only system to have a self-perpetuating hardware bug. They were used as update devices for embedded systems. You had one bad disk or drive and shortly they'd all be dead in the office. I kept mine under lock and key, let no one borrow a disk or a drive. Then I got sick of it and hacked together an ethernet driver for my dev device.

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RE: Zip drives are the devil!
by hollovoid on Thu 23rd Aug 2012 19:03 in reply to "Zip drives are the devil!"
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Zip drives were awful, I thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread when I was the only one who owned one, and didn't yet know of the horrible reliability of the drives and disks. It wasn't until I lost a major project twice, (school computers only allowed saving to zip in graphics lab), with the dreadful 'click click click' that I gave up on them all together. Many of my classmates, all with different computers and drives suffered the same fate at one point or another. How something like that could go unchecked, and sell like it did is beyond me.

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bitwelder Member since:

Fully agree. Also apart of the bad technical problem itself, I pretty much hated the way Iomega managed (or rather, did not manage) to handle the issue.
Personally, since then I'm not considering any other product from Iomega, no matter how good it looks.

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RE: Zip drives are the devil!
by fretinator on Thu 23rd Aug 2012 22:17 in reply to "Zip drives are the devil!"
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I always liked the Syquest EZ 135, a competitor to Zip. It was faster that a Zip, but it just never caught on - Zip was already the standard for Mac and PC.

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