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Legal Fantastic work by The Verge. "Although Apple and Samsung did their best to present high-level narratives about copying and product development throughout the trial, the jury's work is far more complicated than simply asking if Samsung copied Apple. Instead, the 20-page verdict form presents around 700 extremely specific questions, divided into 33 groups. These questions exhaustively cover everything at issue in the trial, down to exact dollar amounts Samsung might owe for each of 28 devices accused of copying Apple intellectual property." I don't know just how much power a US jury has, but if I were them, I'd buy a tl;dr stamp and use it on every page of the verdict form. Samsung and Apple ought to be ashamed of themselves.
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Tony Swash
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"Personally I hope Apple win this case but they might not.

What positive outcome could come from that? You would get less innovation and more expensive phones. Only Apple's pockets would get a good result.

I disagree, neither of those things would happen. I fail to see how making company like Samsung come with original designs would be restricting innovation - quite the contrary. I also fail to see how a judgment against Samsung would effect the price of phones, by what mechanism would that happen? In reality what would happen is that Samsung and the other Android OEMs) would continue to make phones in the same price ranges as now but they would look less like Apple's phones, similarly Apple will continue to make phones in the same price as they do now. Actually the price range of Android and Apple phones are the same, they start free on contract and go up in steps.

As for Apple making more money - so what? Objectively that's neither a good or bad thing. Personally I would be pleased but that's because I am a big fan of Apple, I want them to be successful - again - so what? Does the amount of money that Apple does or does not make bother you and if so why?

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Sorry Tony, but only a fool will try to claim that Apple didn't copy their products from others. They copied the shape from others, they copied the grid layout from Palm, and they even copied the notification from Android.

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You would be right if Apple didn't copy from previous designs. Of course you can't make a modern device without using previous designs.
If Apple couldn't force the competition to not use designs they have used they would have to compete on merit. They would have to try harder so you get more innovation.
If every company couldn't use designs from other companies innovation would almost come to a standstill. The only innovation left would be how to circumvent these design patents.

Just because you are the first to do something doesn't make you the owner of that feat.

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