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Legal And just like that, within a matter of days, the jury has reached a verdict in Apple vs. Samsung. The basic gist is simple: Apple's software patents are valid, and many Samsung devices infringe upon them. Apple's iPhone 3G trade dress is valid, and Samsung's Galaxy S line infringes, but other devices did not. Samsung did not infringe Apple's iPad design patent. Apple did not infringe any of Samsung's patents. Apple is awarded a little over $1 billion in damages. Competition lost today, and developers in the United States should really start to get worried - software patents got validated big time today.
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So, you think the refrigerator maker company is the company with original ideas, and the company that has newton, PowerBook, Macintosh, quick take, mac OS, iPod and iPhone is the copy cat?

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Not the first graphical, touchscreen PDA (Palm's Zoomer was the first), and by far not the most successful - it was a major flop.


A laptop.


Overpriced (compare to the Amiga) less capable version of Xerox' work. Game changer for sure, but hardly innovative.

quick take

Invented and built by Kodak and Fujifilm. Digital photography is older than Apple itself.

mac OS

See Macintosh. The only successful homegrown operating system Apple has ever built, which they completely neglected for years until they became the laughing stock of the industry.


Fantastic device, but in the end, just a music player.


Fantastic device, but as a heavy former PDA user, kind of 'meh'.

Apple in a nutshell: great devices, made possible because of industry progress and copying others. I actually applaud that - it's just that Apple believes it should be the only one allowed to stand on the shoulders of giants.

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You dismissed all these great products which many of them were pioneers of new markets (not primarily technologies) and defined new categories. Very good.

I've totally forgotten about the new markets and innovative product categories that samsung built in the fields of microwave oven, refrigerator, flat screen TV, dvd player and even wristwatch and oh, who can forget those "magically" 30$ digital frames?

The problem is -and I'm doing my best to be very respectful to you Thom and be fair-, with all due respect, there is a lack of understanding the distinction between product/market innovation and technological innovation on your side. And that's why you fail to understand why Apple (and designers like me) are angry and why samsung is guilty (And playing like a spoiled brat and pretending that it doesn't understand what it's done either)

Samsung pattern of business has been always like this: piggy backing on other pioneered markets, SONY in TV, American manufacturers in home appliances and now apple in Smartphones and tablets.

There is a difference between "standing on giant's shoulders" and "Piggy backing by copying the trade dress".

It's OK that they like to enter new markets to gain more profit, but they could do it like what Microsoft did with windows mobile. Nobody is angry of Microsoft because it's getting into multitouch Smartphone market because, a) they were trying to do these things on the phone and tablet since windows 3.0, b) they are doing it with Nokia, a market and technological pioneer in this field and c) they went their own way in defining every aspect of their product.

Imagine, if microsoft+nokia were first to introduce to the market instead of iPhone. Now, guess how would Samsung phones look like? Of course, they would look like exactly like a lumia. And Microsoft and samsung were in court instead of apple. And Samsung would say :"Microsoft can't assert the right to monopolize square tiles, they are at war with innovation". Come on.

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So, you think the refrigerator maker company is the company with original ideas

I don't see what them making refrigerators has anything to do with this.

newton, PowerBook, Macintosh, quick take, mac OS, iPod and iPhone is the copy cat?

None of these are original ideas. Good products perhaps but not original ideas.

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My reference to refrigerator making of samsung was to indicate that they have no product philosophy and are just after profit in every field other companies pioneered. They create mediocre products in every field under the sun from microwave ovens to DVD players, digital cameras and even wrist watches.

So it's very funny of them to warn us of apple smothering "innovation".

Apple products were not technically original of course, but many of them are commercially innovative (i.e. they created new markets and product categories, by putting together existing technologies)

The misunderstanding is Samsung pretends it's about technological innovation (which it's hard to justify apple is technologically different or innovative), but the real debate is about stealing ideas not in the field of pure technology, but in market innovation, product positioning, trade dress and design.

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