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Microsoft Microsoft's response to Apple's win is probably the most cringeworthy of all. Blatantly admitting Windows Phone can't make a dent in the market on merit, but instead requires the court room to do so, Bill Cox, senior director of Windows Phone marketing communications, said: "Windows Phone is looking gooooood right now." Nauseating.
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by wocowboy on Sat 25th Aug 2012 11:40 UTC
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No, it's quite simple, really: Microsoft INNOVATED instead of copied. The Windows Phone interface is quite different from iOS. Microsoft also licensed patents from Apple for things they wanted to use in their interface. Samsung refused to do either of these things. For example, instead of copying the icon with the flower on it for their photo app, Microsoft has a square tile with something different on it, that also links to photos all over your phone! How novel!

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RE: Innovation
by bowkota on Sat 25th Aug 2012 13:48 in reply to "Innovation"
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MS indeed implemented some nice and innovative ideas in their mobile OS but it's not enough. It's an incomplete package and Samsung has been much more successful with android and some solid phone development.

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RE[2]: Innovation
by BluenoseJake on Sat 25th Aug 2012 22:17 in reply to "RE: Innovation"
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How is Windows Phone incomplete? Seriously?

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RE: Innovation
by Deviate_X on Mon 27th Aug 2012 08:32 in reply to "Innovation"
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"photo app" tile shows you a modestly animated preview of what it contains

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