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Legal And just like that, within a matter of days, the jury has reached a verdict in Apple vs. Samsung. The basic gist is simple: Apple's software patents are valid, and many Samsung devices infringe upon them. Apple's iPhone 3G trade dress is valid, and Samsung's Galaxy S line infringes, but other devices did not. Samsung did not infringe Apple's iPad design patent. Apple did not infringe any of Samsung's patents. Apple is awarded a little over $1 billion in damages. Competition lost today, and developers in the United States should really start to get worried - software patents got validated big time today.
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by jayvazz on Sat 25th Aug 2012 12:36 UTC
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Apple didn't invent the phone that's obvious nor did they invent touch screens ,but asside from blackberry business smart phone no one else put all necessary components to work together like Apple did as soon as iPhone came out the so called phone manufacturers felt like they just went back to school on how to make a phone all the flip phone that flooded the market got pushed to the curve and scrambleing to play catch ,coincidence that the company that Apple hired to make components for them all of the sudden has a competitive product in smart phones world we only know what we have been told we were not in the court room to really hear Wat was or not stolen ideas ,every one want to hold on to Wat they belive is there property this is only the beginning ,I belive if I fart to the right at a 35 degree angle just might get sued cause someone has a patent in angle farting

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