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Google One company's response to the jury verdict in Apple vs. Samsung was still missing: Google's. The company has now responded to The Verge, and there's almost a certain bitterness in their language. Not, as you would expect, directed at Apple; no, the bitterness is directed at Samsung. The message Google is sending to other Android OEMs? Stick to stock Android, and you'll have no problems.
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RE[3]: Comment by Radio
by kurkosdr on Mon 27th Aug 2012 21:45 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by Radio"
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Google's "brilliant" leadership was baited by Apple and Microsoft into buying the failing Motorola for 12 billion dollars for a bunch of FRAND patents. The notion that Google has the most brilliant leadership is Google PR working."

Personally, I smell desperation. Google is facing an arrogant company filing suits against them (Apple) and US courts rubber stamping all the patents Apple asserts like pinch-and-zoom (prior art exists), voice search (prior art) and rounded corners (dumb).

I don't scream "government conspiracy" often, and have never done before on the internet (no, srsly), but this one smells a lot: Apple's UI patents (and rounded corners) getting validated by the court while Motorola's and Samsung's geting thrown out, jurys (read: ignorant about the subject citizens) that are told to decide about technical patents, flash jury decisions, bagging claims of design copycating and softpatent infrigment in one trial. It's as if the US government has found a golden tax goose over at Cupertino, and they want to "protect" it, but not by doing something that attracts public ire like imposing a "chicken tax" for imported cellphones.

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