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Windows "Windows 8 changes a lot of things about how the operating system works, but one of the features Windows traditionalists will find jarring is the lack of a Start button. Although the button's functions are still present in various places, users may miss its easy click-and-start-typing familiarity. Well, Samsung's bringing it back. The all-in-one PCs Samsung unveiled this morning are the first Windows machines to sport the S Launcher, a simple widget that acts just like the old start button." This is not from The Onion. I repeat, this is not from The Onion.
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RE: Someone needs to fix it.
by ze_jerkface on Tue 28th Aug 2012 20:39 UTC in reply to "Someone needs to fix it."
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Ballmer has gone mad over the iPhone and has doubled down on an idiot named Sinofsky. I have no doubt that the majority of MS employees would be against Windows 8 in its current state.

But I'm sure a Windows 8 defender will at any moment tell us that we're afraid of change.

That leads to another question: Why are wheels round? We need change and progress. If you are against modern octagon shaped wheel design then you are afraid of change and stuck in the past. Octagon wheels are new and new is evolution. Efficiency is just an excuse used by change haters. I can't wait to drive on modernist octagon wheels and use an ad screen with a horizontal scroll bar to find my applications. I am an awesome tech embracing dude and I don't fear change. My ego depends on embracing this type of idiocy without question.

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