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Linux "For years now, Linux has been a black sheep standing in the shadow of Apple and Microsoft. Despite having a fervent and enthusiastic following, the operating system hasn't been able to grab a sizable share of the computing market and has instead been content to subsist on the customers that come away dissatisfied with the mainstream competition. But that may be about to change. With the release of Microsoft Windows 8 on the horizon, some are saying Linux may have a great opportunity to steal a significant share of the market away from Microsoft, allowing it to finally take the helm as a major operating system service provider." This has to stop, and the only reason I'm linking to this nonsense is to make this very clear: Linux will not magically conquer the desktop or even make any significant gains because of Windows 8. People who don't like Windows 8 (Vista) will continue to use Windows 7 (Windows XP). This is getting so tiring. And does it even matter? Linux is winning big time in the mobile space, server space, and countless other spaces. The desktop is and always has been irrelevant to Linux.
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Oh Lord, when I see puppies like this that don't know their history....sigh. C'mon over here son, pull up a chair and let grandpa give you a little history lesson..

<p>Ya see once upon a time it was JUST like that, you had DOS and Windows, GEM and DR-DOS, you had Commodore and Atari and Apple and probably a half a dozen more (Tandy) that I'm forgetting...know what it was like? It SUCKED, that's what it was like! Nothing worked with anything! Printers, modems, software, it was all a big giant mess with nothing working unless you bought it straight from the OEM who gouged because they knew they were the only ones you could count on to get working stuff.</p>

So ya see kid, it wasn't some deep dark conspiracy that led to Windows taking over, it was cloners cranking out cheap PC compatibles that let everyone go "Hallelujah my fricking printer works! My modem works on my office AND my home machine! Oh joy of joys, what a beautiful day!" and THAT is how we got where we are today child.

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Printing still sucks balls though.

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Very true, that because there is no incentive for printer companies to improve it.

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