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Linux "For years now, Linux has been a black sheep standing in the shadow of Apple and Microsoft. Despite having a fervent and enthusiastic following, the operating system hasn't been able to grab a sizable share of the computing market and has instead been content to subsist on the customers that come away dissatisfied with the mainstream competition. But that may be about to change. With the release of Microsoft Windows 8 on the horizon, some are saying Linux may have a great opportunity to steal a significant share of the market away from Microsoft, allowing it to finally take the helm as a major operating system service provider." This has to stop, and the only reason I'm linking to this nonsense is to make this very clear: Linux will not magically conquer the desktop or even make any significant gains because of Windows 8. People who don't like Windows 8 (Vista) will continue to use Windows 7 (Windows XP). This is getting so tiring. And does it even matter? Linux is winning big time in the mobile space, server space, and countless other spaces. The desktop is and always has been irrelevant to Linux.
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RE[4]: Comment by Bobthearch
by shmerl on Wed 29th Aug 2012 02:37 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by Bobthearch"
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Windows tax refers here to the mere fact of lack of choice of OSes during computer purchase. OEMs didn't give up on agreements with MS which cause them not to sell blank computers or computers with other operating systems. And such kind of practice can't be "given a rest" until it's gone for good.

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Nobody cares enough, except for the likes of your who think there is some great social injustice going because some people got more important things to worry about.

This is what I read on another forum:

There is and has been a lack of real impetus for anyone outside of those groups to BOTHER using Linux.

It's really not that difficult or that user-unfriendly, and frankly I wouldn't be surprised to see more widespread adoption if there arose an actual reason to use it.

For all people's disagreements about DEs and such, I think the biggest barrier to using it is simply that there are other OSes that come with your computer and are perfectly fine.

I think it sums it up nicely, and this is what you don't ever seem to get.

If you really want linux there are companies that cater to your needs, but instead you try to get a major company to sell something they have little to no interest in supporting ... also Linux would most likely be nightmare for phone support staff.

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RE[6]: Comment by Bobthearch
by shmerl on Wed 29th Aug 2012 06:34 in reply to "RE[5]: Comment by Bobthearch"
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When "major company" serves as MS lackey for upholding their market monopoly I call it social injustice indeed and it's hard to say who is guilty more - MS or some "major company" which is ready to oblige them.

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