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Google One company's response to the jury verdict in Apple vs. Samsung was still missing: Google's. The company has now responded to The Verge, and there's almost a certain bitterness in their language. Not, as you would expect, directed at Apple; no, the bitterness is directed at Samsung. The message Google is sending to other Android OEMs? Stick to stock Android, and you'll have no problems.
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RE[4]: That's not the way.
by tomcat on Wed 29th Aug 2012 07:16 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: That's not the way."
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The Android infringement argument (I would say FUD campaign) is repeated adnaseum by countless tech bloggers but none of them has pointed to a single feature that is actually Android specific in all of this.

The fact that Apple and MS play in concert to destroy Android using litigation doesn't mean other os is inherently more safe from their questionable tactics.
In particular Apple and MS tactical alliance (edit) doesn't guarantee that in the future e.g. Apple programmers won't be sued by MS or WP oems by Apple.
Their cross licensing deals (who they actually cover?) have a limited time span.

Um, MS obviously isn't trying to destroy Android. They simply wanted and got reasonable patent royalties for infringements. None of the companies involved has ever asserted that MS prevents them from conducting their businesses by banning devices, etc. Whereas, Apple most definitely wants to destroy Android and prevent them from being distributed.

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