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Windows "Windows 8 changes a lot of things about how the operating system works, but one of the features Windows traditionalists will find jarring is the lack of a Start button. Although the button's functions are still present in various places, users may miss its easy click-and-start-typing familiarity. Well, Samsung's bringing it back. The all-in-one PCs Samsung unveiled this morning are the first Windows machines to sport the S Launcher, a simple widget that acts just like the old start button." This is not from The Onion. I repeat, this is not from The Onion.
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RE[7]: Oh dear
by TM99 on Wed 29th Aug 2012 13:41 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Oh dear"
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That is ludicrous. You do realize that Samsung had this in development prior to the verdict? Why would they not continue through on that development choice? Apple did not create the 'dock'.

It may not seem like it but there is a growing backlash coming for Apple in this Pyrrhic victory. I am seeing article after editorial after commentary discussing how this is going to cost both businesses & consumers, stifle global trade, close international markets to Apple, and at least in the short term hamper innovation.

I have used Apple products (and Microsoft & Unix/Linux too) for over 30 years. I won't buy another. I don't even own a current 'smartphone' but if I must get one in the near future it definitely won't be an iPhone. I am not alone.

And I am not just an IT 'fanboy' picking a favorite team. I am a professional in different fields who can and does influence choices of the platforms that we do our work on. Apple's corporate hubris is not good for the market. To trusts such an entity as it is becoming is just asking for trouble in the long-term even if the short-term popularity and 'gee-whiz' seems so tempting and appealing. There are very good reasons why NASA recently chose an Android based Samsung phone for a satellite project and not an iPhone. The hardware & the software are both open.

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RE[8]: Oh dear
by MOS6510 on Wed 29th Aug 2012 13:52 in reply to "RE[7]: Oh dear"
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I (IMHO) just don't think it's wise if you want to make the world know you are not a copycat to introduce yet another piece of 'evidence' proving the opposite.

Most people don't know about other docks, glassy projects or what they used on Star Trek in the 60's, but they will recognize the OS X dock.

Personally I don't mind Samsung doing this and I don't claim Apple "invented" the dock.

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RE[9]: Oh dear
by Mellin on Wed 29th Aug 2012 15:21 in reply to "RE[8]: Oh dear"
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so you mean that if apple made something no one else can do it ever even if others have made a dock before Steve Jobs even thought about it

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