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BeOS & Derivatives Haiku's 64bit port is progressing nicely. "As you can see, this looks pretty much like a regular Haiku desktop. There's still a lot of things missing, though - not many apps or drivers yet. However, most things should be fairly simple to get working, typically just a few compilation fixes."
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Was it ctri+alt+delete? That sounds like a Windows shortcut. BeOS never had an inbuilt task manager.

Dano (Dan0 doesn't exist, Dano0 does, Dano was the designation, Dano0 was part of the build name, as was Maui0 for R5 and Genki0 for R4.5) source was leaked. Yellow tab had it. This is all pretty clear.

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Actually, the ALT-CTRL-DEL is a BIOS shortkey to reboot. However, most operating systems override this shortcut.

And about the build-in task manager: this is it:
When the Tracker process wasn't running, it would show an extra button "Restart Desktop", which was the PhosphurOS exploit to gain access without password.

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In BeOS, ctrl+alt+delete would indeed bring up a modal window showing running teams (with the option to kill them), as well as the option to restart the desktop (aka Tracker) if it wasn't running.

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