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Linux Miguel de Icaza: "To sum up: (a) First dimension: things change too quickly, breaking both open source and proprietary software alike; (b) incompatibility across Linux distributions. This killed the ecosystem for third party developers trying to target Linux on the desktop. You would try once, do your best effort to support the 'top' distro or if you were feeling generous 'the top three' distros. Only to find out that your software no longer worked six months later. Supporting Linux on the desktop became a burden for independent developers." Mac OS X came along to scoop up the Linux defectors.
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RE[9]: Comment by woegjiub
by gilboa on Fri 31st Aug 2012 08:39 UTC in reply to "RE[8]: Comment by woegjiub"
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Why bother? The .exe works fine so no compiling. I know its shocking, not needing to compile everything, but it does have its advantages.

For example my 73 year old dad got impatient because I couldn't come out and install Win 7 on that new machine i built him until the weekend. he decided to DIY and when i got there I thought I'd have a mess, turned out all I needed to do was show him how to install his browser. All the drivers, patches, updates, and even the AV (it popped up a little box on first boot and gave him the choice of several free or pay AVs, he chose MSE which works fine) was all taken care of, he just didn't know where to download his browser from.

*Nothing* you just said had anything to do with the subject at hard - read: Maintaining out-of-tree drivers in Linux vs. doing the same under Windows due to the lack of stable drivers API in Linux.
Please, re-read the previous comments before pressing the submit button!

Like it or not, admit it or not, Linux is a geeker OS that is a PITA for your average user. Sure if you know compiler flags, can google for fixes, know your way around the forums, then you'll have no problems. lets see, that covers....about 0.97% of the public according to netstats. The rest? Sorry but your OS just don't cut it.

If you look closely at a comment I made 30% down the page, you'll see that I more-or-less said the same.
Linux is for geeks / power users / take your peak and I personally rather keep it this way.

- Gilboa

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