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Legal We all know about Apple's look-and-feel lawsuit against Microsoft over Windows 2.0, but this wasn't the only look-and-feel lawsuit Apple filed during those years. Digital Research, Inc., the company behind GEM, also found itself on the pointy end of Apple's needle. Unlike the lawsuit against Microsoft, though, Apple managed to 'win' the one against DRI.
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Comment by UltraZelda64
by UltraZelda64 on Fri 31st Aug 2012 09:55 UTC
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"Apple's fears became reality - the Amiga withered away into irrelevance and the IBM PC took over the industry - and it nearly killed Apple."

I really wish it would have. They seem more and more like a crooked, anti-competitive, patent trolling company every single time they make the news these days. They're pussies that are terrified of competition and will use downright pathetic and anti-competitive methods to kill their competition. Sorry Apple fans, I refuse to kiss their ass. This is the kind of company that should be busted for being *against* everything the U.S. economy is about. They are a business, and they are AGAINST even the idea of competition from any other business.

"You know what the irony is of all this? One of the main developers behind GEM was Lee Jay Lorenzen, and get this: before joining DRI, he worked at Xerox PARC on the very same user interfaces upon which the Macintosh was built. In other words, Apple took what was partially his work, implemented it for the Macintosh, and then sued over Lorenzen's own post-Xerox interface!"

That sounds like Apple alright... apparently they haven't changed over the years, they just got worse. Ironically, even according to the dead god that Apple fans worship, back when he was alive he said that his company "steals" because that's "what great artists do." Wow... WTF has happened to that company... sounds like the fame and money rotted their brains and they just don't give a shit about anyone else but themselves now. Because, you know, only Apple is capable of innovating. No one else even knows what the word means if you ask them.

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