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Editorial The dream of inexpensive computing for everyone has been with us since the first computers. Along the way it has taken some unexpected turns. This article summarizes key trends and a few of the surprises.
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RE[6]: Comment by kovacm
by zima on Mon 3rd Sep 2012 17:20 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Comment by kovacm"
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When you mention a C64 or ZX Spectrum people's eyes light up. I can't imagine the same effect if in 10 years if I mention a Dell Optiplex 755.
But I guess these days it's the operating system that creates the memories and experiences, not the computer itself.

Thing is, most home computers almost certainly don't elicit that response, also forgotten... (like most from - and I bet that list is still far from exhaustive)

In 2-3 decades (C64 or Spectrum are not about "10 years" timescales) I guess the consoles of today will cause that light in the eyes. Yeah, supposedly a bit different category - but let's be honest, home computers were almost exclusively about games.

PS. What's with the new weird avatar... (from some ~RPG game, I imagine). And, most importantly, why - while pixelated - it's enlarged in a way which "blurs" the pixels...

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