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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Efforts are split between models in which keyboards detach from screens, ones in which the keys remain attached but can be hidden behind displays, and traditional fixed clamshell designs." None of these really float my boat. They work with clunky connectors and weird hinges, while I'd much rather have Surface's nice magnetic connection. On top of that, Surface just looks way better than this stuff. Pretty clear why Microsoft felt the need to make their own hardware.
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RE[3]: piss poor design
by Fergy on Mon 3rd Sep 2012 21:21 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: piss poor design"
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1. Windows 98 was Win9x refined, done right, with more hardware drivers and stability without adding too much bloat. It was just a good Windows release for the time, and an improvement over its predecessors. Simple as that.

I agree. That is why I said Win98SE.

2. Ever use Windows ME? I was unfortunate at the time to buy a PC at the time, and it came with that version of the OS pre-installed. After you've used that incredibly bloated, slow, unstable disaster for a few weeks (let alone months), you'll be begging for a change. Hell, I even paid for a damn XP "preview" release and then immediately went out and bought an upgrade license when it was finally released--Windows ME was just that bad. It was slow and all it could do well is crash.

I summed up the windows releases that I thought were pretty bad or boring.

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