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General Development "Computer programming is the art, craft and science of writing programs which define how computers operate. This book will teach you how to write computer programs using a programming language designed by Google named Go." Freely available book on Go.
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Python seems to have gained popularity via back door. People didn't like perl so they switched to Python. Then you got mass... followed by adoption (also I believe the source engine uses python for scripting.)

C++ probably got popular because of C (in that it's a super set of C, meaning you can just go ahead and add your stuff to old C code.)

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I think Ruby syntax is neater, but Python is more widely used, even with the strange idea of using whitespace as scope delimiting.

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I thought so, too, until I started using it. Now I'm annoyed by the squiggly braces in those other languages. :-D

Ruby's loop syntax struck me as strange - but that's a personal issue. I was probably brain-damaged by years of FORTRAN until better languages came along...

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