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In the News Remember the dot com debacle of a decade ago? Well, it's back, this time in the form of Facebook. Since its high-profile public offering last May at over $38/share, FB is now down to about $18/share. Management is finding that running a public company is very different than one privately held, as people variously blame Mark Zuckerberg (or not), CFO David Ebersman, lead IPO underwriter Morgan Stanley, and even the NASDAQ stock exchange. The real problem, of course, is that Facebook went public even as its business model desperately searches for new revenues. Let's just hope they don't pull a Digg and fatally redesign the whole site in response.
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I'll party with you! I'm just hoping the FB juggernaut slows down before we're all forced to participate in it to have what everyone else will call a "normal" life. Living a life that is not dominated by a social network is actually pretty satisfying.

And yet here you are, in a social "network", agreeing on partying with other people bringing beer.

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I wouldn't exactly consider a news discussion forum a "social networking" site in the strictest sense. Loosely, maybe, but it's more about the discussions than it is about helping you find new (or old) friends to meet in real life or keep up-to-date on their daily activities. Big damn difference there. I never was much into social networking crap, but I've been a member of several Internet forums over the years.

Why? Not to meet new people--but instead to talk about the things that interest me. The interest is in the discussion topics; not necessarily the people. This is reinforced by the tendency of forums to create unique user names for each user, instead of sticking their real names right beside every one of their posts. Sure, such information may or may not actually be in a user's profile (up to the user), but the big point is discussion forums have a focus on something *other* than on the people directly.

I'll put it this way: Social networking helps you find and keep tabs on real-life friends. Forums provide a place of discussion. Simple as that.

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