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In the News Remember the dot com debacle of a decade ago? Well, it's back, this time in the form of Facebook. Since its high-profile public offering last May at over $38/share, FB is now down to about $18/share. Management is finding that running a public company is very different than one privately held, as people variously blame Mark Zuckerberg (or not), CFO David Ebersman, lead IPO underwriter Morgan Stanley, and even the NASDAQ stock exchange. The real problem, of course, is that Facebook went public even as its business model desperately searches for new revenues. Let's just hope they don't pull a Digg and fatally redesign the whole site in response.
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Does he also think that Microsoft and Apple don't collect user data?

I don't know for sure, but he really seems to just be anti-Google for some reason. He seems to just not care when I bring up any such companies' privacy issues and news--whether it's Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook or some other company, but he seems to like slamming Google. And he does use products and services from almost all of those companies (probably even Google, I wouldn't be surprised).

Between Microsoft, Apple and Facebook, I don't know what the order would be from least to most invasive on their users' privacy, but I think it's safe to say that Facebook would be the absolute worst of the bunch. Their history of blatant invasion of their users' privacy and silently stripping it away and just claiming "oops" every time they get caught is just that bad.

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Well.... duh!!! Facebook's main goal is to collect user data.

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Yes, but is that not one of Google's main goals as well? Google goes about it much better than Facebook. Facebook is just downright sleazy; they really don't give a damn whose hands their users' personal data comes into. They've been repeatedly making the news for their questionable tactics over the last several years for a reason.

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