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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless If there's one thing I miss in the current smartphone industry, it's design. Honest to good, real design. We basically see one boring slab after another, void of any true identity, whether it's iPhone, Samsung, or any of the others. In this boring world of grey, black, and the occasional white, Nokia is the jester, coming up with its own unique designs and crazy colour selection. Today, the company unveiled the Lumia 920 and 820 to continue this trend.
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Glossy finishes suck, IMO matte is the way to go. Too bad that's mostly *not* the way companies are going. Similarly, I want my electronics to be black. Not a hideous white or brown, or an eyeball-searing bright red, yellow or orange. Just a simple black with protection from becoming a fingerprint and smear magnet through the use of a matte finish. I don't want my electronics to double as a mirror.

I don't want to know just how fast someone would swipe a shiny bright red or yellow phone after you set it down for a second and forget it on accident. It would stand out like a sore thumb, no matter what the color of the desk and the other objects on the desk are, and in all but the darkest lighting conditions. It would be like birds targeting a bright red car to shit on, cops targeting nice sports cars to pull over, bees going after a nice big colorful sunflower, or flies attracted to shit. It's just a bad idea, and for electronics, downright ugly IMO.

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