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In the News Remember the dot com debacle of a decade ago? Well, it's back, this time in the form of Facebook. Since its high-profile public offering last May at over $38/share, FB is now down to about $18/share. Management is finding that running a public company is very different than one privately held, as people variously blame Mark Zuckerberg (or not), CFO David Ebersman, lead IPO underwriter Morgan Stanley, and even the NASDAQ stock exchange. The real problem, of course, is that Facebook went public even as its business model desperately searches for new revenues. Let's just hope they don't pull a Digg and fatally redesign the whole site in response.
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They (Google) do mention that they will not give any information away to a third-party company, that they do not make changes violating users' rights at random and just say "oops" when caught.

No, they don't say 'oops'... they just claim it was an accident, like when they got busted driving vans down city streets and slurping data from public wifi access points. Look, I don't trust Facebook. I don't trust Google either. Trying to argue over which you should trust less is like arguing which of the neighborhood pedophiles you should let babysit your children.

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