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Lisp is a "simple" language because it uses just 1 form (s-expressions.)

True, but to make use of those expressions the first term needs to do something.

What those terms do and what side-effects they have on your code is explained in 432 pages of the ANSI Common Lisp standard. Does not sound that simple to me.

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It's nice that the standard is that long, but irrelevant. A great deal of that standard (if it's anything like Scheme's) deals with implementation details, which are mostly irrelevant to programming (at least until you get to the optimization stage.)

The fact of the matter is that Lisp's form makes it simple, to use and understand. Regardless of how large the standard document is.

Of course, as you might gather, I'm more of into Scheme than Common Lisp. Which also more truly embodies the "simple" description.

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