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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Some impressive new stuff from Amazon today. Great hardware, good price points, and, unlike Nokia, Amazon opens up pre-orders right away and gives us shipping dates. Still, I would personally advice waiting with buying one until you can replace Amazon's Frankendroid with Cyanogenmod or something.
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...and no one cares.
by bornagainenguin on Fri 7th Sep 2012 16:19 UTC
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Why? Because the reasons already mentioned (lack of SDCard slot for user loadable storage, crippled Amazon version of Android, lackadaisical app store with fewer "free" versions of apps, etc) but also because the new releases come with ads on the lockscreen and NO way to get them off without hacking the device. That's right, you can't even pay to have them removed and according to the reports I've read they all come with this dubious feature by default.

I'm still holding out hope that someone will come out with a device in this class with this hardware spec that has a SDCard slot, but honestly Amazon did something I never thought possible--they made the Nexus look good even with the lack of SDCard slot! As much as I want to have the option to add storage to the device I know if forced to choose between the two the Nexus wins hands down!


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