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Mozilla & Gecko clones "The smartphones going into the world's next two billion pairs of hands may not belong to either Google or Apple, but to Mozilla. The Mozilla Foundation, which oversees open source software projects like the Firefox Web browser, expects to release a mobile operating system for smartphones early next year. Its target market is Latin America, then the rest of the developing world, where smartphones from Apple and Google are still too expensive for most people." Let's hope so, because at the rate things are currently going, we'll end up with like 90% Android, 9% iOS, and 1% other stuff. Who wants that?
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I want an open system that makes sense
by kragil on Sat 8th Sep 2012 09:41 UTC
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I am not happy with Androids "through over the wall" FOSS nature, but the software stack makes a lot more sense than something HTML5 based.

A truely FOSS Android would be way better than some "my carrier hosts my apps"-FirefoxOS.

In a perfect world a FOSS Meego would have won though :-(

Meego(Mer) > CyanogenMod Android > FirefoxOS = Android > WebOS > IOS > BlackberryWhatever > Bada > Windows Mobile > Windows Phone (sorry, I hate animated tiles .. makes me long for something like Flashbock/Adblock)

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Also, what I don't understand is that having everything in HTML5/js is likely to be heavier (in term of CPU/RAM) than Android's Java stack or iOS's objective C.

How does this help building a cheap phone ?

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Compiled JS bytecode is just as fast as compiled Java bytecode. Only ObjC has the slight edge for native speed.

I don't know much of it, but I hear that there's efforts to make JS front-end to Clang/LLVM, which would mean the ability to compile JavaScript to native code on par with any other source language.

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having everything in HTML5/js is likely to be heavier (in term of CPU/RAM) than Android's Java stack or iOS's objective C.
How does this help building a cheap phone ?

It doesn't.

But Mozilla has a long-time disconnect with what the mobile needs are. Remember, they already had two abortive attempts at mobile browser ...each time basically shrugged and said "oh well, we'll just wait for more powerful hardware" - meanwhile, Opera and Webkit took over, providing good experience on the typical hardware that was available (and that class of hardware will likely still get more dominating - most of the 5+ billion mobile subscribers use very basic phones, majority of those who upgrade don't move to top smartphones)

In the coming years, inexpensive Chinese Androids will also provide that good experience, they are already pumped into developing world in great numbers.

Also, most of those 5+ billion mobile subscribers are on prepaid and rather frugal with data, they likely DON'T WANT WEBAPPS (OTOH, local or at most RSS-style Android apps could fit more, I guess)

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Look into Replicant OS?

And BTW, the cherished variant of Meego, what shipped with N9, wasn't really FOSS... (it was basically like WebOS, before open-sourcing of its framework)

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