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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Android fans, especially those of you who love your Samsung devices, might have something to cheer about today as it looks like Chinese phone maker GooPhone have already patented the design of the new iPhone 5 before Apple have had chance!" This is just... Wow.
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bfr99 replied...

Especially in a standoff like the patents have been in for decades. Things only work out so long as no one breaks the stalemate and everyone works together for their common good rather than start lobbing bombs and possibly losing everything. It wasn't the best situation but to a degree it was working.

Companies working together for their common good is a nice definition of a trust, illegal under US law. Adam Smith pointed this out long ago.

Errr... when I said these companies were working together for their common good, I meant agreeing to cross-license to avoid breaking the patent stalemate the way Apple is now, not price-fixing or cartel behavior. I was talking about agreeing to "work together" in the sense of I'll let you use my patent if you let me use yours. Which was the intention of the patent system as I understand it, to encourage use, not lock inventions up for decades so no one would use them!

Of course no one really saw a situation coming where a company was willing to Kamikaze if it meant knocking out the competition....


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