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Hardware, Embedded Systems "We've seen a profusion of relatively low-cost PCs and tablets over the last few years, but Taiwanese electronics company Via's APC is cheap even by these standards: it's a $49 low-power desktop computer running a modified version of Android 2.3. Announced today, the APC is meant as a simple way to connect to the internet, so you won't get a great deal of computing power. It contains an 800MHz processor, 512MB of DDR3 memory, 2GB of flash storage, and can connect to a monitor or TV to output a resolution of up to 720p. It also consumes a fraction of a standard desktop's power: 13.5 watts at maximum and only 4 watts when idle."
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I'm not that old, but I did pay $3500 or so for box with an 8086 clone and 256MB RAM back in 1984

Surely, you jest. 256MB in 1984? Doubtful they even had hard drives that big back then ;)

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I think it must have been 256KB.

A big HD had 20MB capacity 1984.

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Actually a big drive in 84 was 5Mb, the monster 20Mb drives were so crazy priced you weren't getting them unless you were working corporate.

Which just blows my mind on how far we've come, from paying over $600 for my VIC with the extras to roughly a hundred less than that for a 6 core with 8Gb of RAM and 3Tb of HDDs, not to mention 800 stream processors on the GPU with a half a Gb of its own RAM. It just blows my mind that you could emulate my first half a dozen machines, OS and complete file system images, in the RAM I paid less than $70 for today.

Heck my netbook cost $350 new, has 8Gb of RAM and plays L4D on the thing, just nuts how much horsepower we get now for peanuts.

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