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Mac OS X "A little more than an year ago I wrote my rant post The Linux Desktop Experience is Killing Linux on the Desktop and for the first time in 8 years I wasn't a desktop Linux user anymore. I spent about a month wrestling with Windows 7, but let's face it - Windows is ill suited for professional Ruby programmers like me (and it's ill suited for most programmers, except maybe Java & .Net I guess). Anyways, it was never my intention to stick with Windows - I was just doing my Mac due diligence. Now with 1+ year of OSX usage I'd like to share a few things about my experience thus far with you."
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Comment by spiderman
by spiderman on Mon 10th Sep 2012 06:49 UTC
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The biggest advantage of the GNU desktop is that it is free. It may not matter to you right now but in the long run you will be hurt by OS X. Your system will be deprecated, you will be forced to pay and upgrade, they will spy on you and sell your data. They will try to turn your desktop into money for them, sooner or later.

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RE: Comment by spiderman
by moondevil on Mon 10th Sep 2012 07:57 in reply to "Comment by spiderman"
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There is nothing to be had for free.

Developers need to eat you know?

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RE[2]: Comment by spiderman
by spiderman on Mon 10th Sep 2012 09:26 in reply to "RE: Comment by spiderman"
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There is a huge difference between developers talking directly to their customers, feeding themselves, their family, living an opulent life with even lot of extra money to waste and greedy parasites pilling up 100 billion dollars and trolling the government, the other mega corporations and the people to get more, more and more. This is not the same.
In the first case, the deal is simple for you. You pay for a developer and you get the software with the source. You can pay another developer to modify it and you can distribute it, and the source is free from anti users features, as guaranteed by the source.
In the later case, you pay a greedy mega corporation that will have to make more money next year than they did this year. They keep the source to them and give you a license to use the software if you bow to their terms. They they reserve the right to deprecate your software, modify it, add more anti user features and charge you when they want. And this not a conspiracy theory, this is written black on white and this is precisely the way they have played since the beginning

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RE[2]: Comment by spiderman
by r_a_trip on Mon 10th Sep 2012 10:10 in reply to "RE: Comment by spiderman"
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With the risk of sounding like a broken record. Free isn't solely gratis. It also has the long forgotten meaning of having no strings attached. While truly gratis or truly unencumbered doesn't exist in our universe, Free Software does come close.

On another note, just because you can get something without paying, it doesn't mean you categorically should. Donating to the projects you care about goes a long way.

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