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Games "Today, Valve will launch the beta of Big Picture mode, a version of Steam designed for your television. That's right. The de facto central hub of PC gaming is now designed to run while you're lounging in your living room - and with a controller, no less. I've tried out Big Picture. It's sleek, intuitive, and groundbreaking in several ways." We've talked about this before. If there's one company that can upend consoles, it's Valve. Everything is falling into place, and I wouldn't be surprised if this - what is essentially the software for the 'Steambox' - will have a tremendous effect on the games industry. Looks great, too.
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RE: Nice
by boldingd on Mon 10th Sep 2012 22:17 UTC in reply to "Nice"
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Looks sleek, but I'm hardly sold on their ability to dominate the console market.

They don't have to "dominate" it for this to be a profitable move. And they're well-situated for this; they've already got the titles, and many of them already have the controller-based interface in place (since they've already released the Orange Box and L4D2 on consoles). They also don't need to develop new specialist hardware; they look like they're angling to do this on more-of-less off-the-shelf hardware, which will greatly reduce the expense. Personally I think it's a pretty shrewd move.

I mean, I'm sure a lot of the love is because they're throwing Linux a bone, but a lot of pieces have to fall correctly into place for their success to be guaranteed.

That's definitely a contributing factor, but this is still a pretty good idea for them. With both OS X and Windows drifting towards app-store-style centralized application management, Valve are justifiably worried that Steam will become irrelevant on desktop PCs. They have to look for a new platform. And like I say, they've already got the titles, they've already got the console UIs, and they've already got the distribution channel, so they really just need the hardware.

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RE[2]: Nice
by Nelson on Tue 11th Sep 2012 20:56 in reply to "RE: Nice"
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I agree with all of this, and think they have promising prospects. Just wanted to add a little bit of flavor to the discussion. Its worth being aware of the shape of the landscape.

I think current TV set top solutions are inefficient and worthy of a disruption, so it is personally exciting.

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