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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "The rise of the tablet has heralded changes big and small across the tech ecosystem, from a booming market for cloud storage to the fall of Flash. If the computing industry was a stagnant pond in late 2009, the introduction of tablets a few months later was less akin to a pebble flicked from the shore and more like a boulder hurled from 10 feet up. The ripples have been widespread and lasting." Simple question: if an ordinary user used her laptop to check Facebook, the news, and read a few blogs, and now uses a tablet to do the exact same thing - how much has really changed? Are any of the things mentioned in this article - the rise of HTML5, streaming video, and internet storage - really the result of tablets?
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Comment by Kroc
by Kroc on Tue 11th Sep 2012 11:44 UTC
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Revisionist history ahoy!

It's a caveat of progress that the past gets progressively simplified. I doubt students today know anything about what came before Windows, or that there were any GUIs other than Mac and Windows.

In another hundred years, everything happening now will have been simplified down to "Apple invented the computer". :|

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