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Apple As expected, Apple announced its new iPhone tonight, dubbed the iPhone 5. The rumours and leaks nailed it, with the most prominent feature being the move from 3.5" to 4" (1136x640). Due to the way iOS handles resolutions, applications need to be adapted for this new display, and if they are not, they will be letterboxed (black bars). It has a faster processor, better camera, LTE, and several other improvements, while the. As always, Apple does it right: shipping 21 September in the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore - the rest of the world will follow later.
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RE[2]: 'Boring copy-cat'
by Yagami on Thu 13th Sep 2012 12:05 UTC in reply to "RE: 'Boring copy-cat'"
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"Apple seems less interested in blowing people away than it is in milking profit out of the existing lineup."

Apple never blew people away on a yearly basis. Their last mayor new successful product was the iPad in 2010. Before that it was the iPhone, 2007, and before that the iPod in 2001, iMac 1998, Mac 1984, Apple 2 1977.

His claim that some Samsung phone outsold the iPhone 4S last month is also crazy. Even more crazy than buying an iPhone 4S just before a new iPhone is announced. The iPhone 5 will probably outsell that Samsung model in one weekend.

wow .. first paragraph you contradict yourself and the article. nowhere he mentions yearly basis ... and clearly , from 2010 to 2012 its not a yearly basis.

second paragraph is even weirder :

Here in Portugal, i would even claim that there are more Samsung Galaxy S 2 and 3 than all the iphone models... by a huge , large margin. Not to mention other Android's.

Second is amazing how its crazy for those that have IPhone 4S not to buy IPhone 5 .. yeah right .. and of course Samsung didnt announce Samsung Galaxy 3 not other phone models... its just so rare for Samsung to launch new models , right ?! ..

Finally, tipical fanboy... since you can read the future , would you mind giving me the lotter numbers for next week ? i would split the profit 50-50 with you ;)

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RE[3]: 'Boring copy-cat'
by MOS6510 on Thu 13th Sep 2012 16:40 in reply to "RE[2]: 'Boring copy-cat'"
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I don't gamble, but I can predict those numbers and if you win you can keep it all. :-)

Yes, the article doesn't mention a yearly basis, but I did and then made a list of significant products. The article says Apple doesn't wow its customers anymore and I illustrated that they never did on a regular basis, in fact it's pretty rare that they do. What they more often do is upgrade their existing product line-up.

The second thing, a Samsung phone outselling the iPhone 4S, is a strange fact to illustrate that Apple has lost its magic as most people that want to buy an iPhone are holding out for the iPhone 5. Some are doing this for 2, 3 months and even longer. Just as people are waiting to buy the new generation BlackBerry and the Lumia 920.

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